1. You are good. Hell, you’re good enough.

    You’re just not good enough for me. You just can’t match me at any level whatsoever. You still haven’t learned a thing.

    We weren’t built to just deal with the black in us or the white in us. There’s a gray area as well that creates perfect harmony within ourselves, yet gets destroyed by society around us..

    The difference between us is that you dwell in either one or the other.. I’ve created my gray area. I have the balance. That’s why you’ll never understand me. You’ll never care as much as I do. I don’t let society define who I am. I challenge it and win every damn time. You don’t mind fitting in. That’s why it’ll never work out.
    That’s why the people you think know you best don’t really understand you and that’s why you’ll never understand the feelings I have mastered.

    You don’t even know who you are.

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  2. I won’t do it anymore.

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  3. You were the first to discover me.. And although your intentions weren’t pure, you taught me to harness a side that I never knew existed. You helped me reach limits and overcome them to truly be limitless. You gave my demons definition, even if they were countless. You allowed me to experience a hell I never knew existed and for that I am truly thankful.

    Without that, I wouldn’t have found out that I am the greatest. I would’ve never guessed that my limitations were never close to being met. I would’ve never been humbled in the fashion that have been now..
    More importantly, I wouldn’t have been able to face all the shit I have/am dealing with now. You left a scar 4/5 years ago, and you also hardened me into a new person.

    You’ll never know this, but I’m grateful. I truly am.

    Thank You.

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  4. For the first time in a long time, my body’s giving out on me..

    That’s the last thing I need….

    Hate the fact that I’m admitting this, but I need help.. Like really need someone to just talk to, let every damn thing out. But as soon as the feeling peaks out, my pride suppresses it in and let’s me know that I don’t need anyone.
    It’s true. I don’t. But just sometimes..

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Clear your mind here


    Clear your mind here

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  6. Prove it to me today.

    That’s how I’ll forgive. That’s how you’ll get nothing but the best from me. That’s how I’ll weather the storm.

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    Do what you have to so you can afford to do what you want.

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    Do what you have to so you can afford to do what you want.

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