1. Whenever we talk, that initial chord gets struck. The first sound to a beautiful melody.. I’m still your present. And I’m your future.. And it’s amazing because, well, I’m the only one that believes it.. It’s ok. It only takes one.

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  2. My body is aching WAY too much right now…. Fuuuuuuuuck

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  3. Say something, I’m giving up on you.
    – Never understood why this came out of you. Always felt a little resentment that I didn’t understand. I get it now. I blow it off like nothing. You misjudged.

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  4. Dallas Buyers Club.. Such a beautifully made movie. Definitely impactful on so many levels..

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  5. "Don’t call me when you’re lonely again"

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  6. I keep hearing those voices that tell me I won’t amount to shit. That say I’ll be a failure.
    I pray to god that they stop.
    It’s really not fair. They’re giving me an unfair advantage to be a champ. Oh well. Price of being the guy I

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  7. My dad.. He tries so hard to be subtle about it, but I know what he’s up to. I think with the passing of my grandma, he’s really starting to see that there’s a limited amount of time between a parent and his/her child. So any chance he can get for us to spend time together , he capitalizes on it, no matter how small or big an opportunity.

    I know he’s afraid and still feels pain, he’s just on old school die hard Mexican that won’t reveal any of it until he drunk or on his dying breath.. It hurts. I overachieved him in that aspect. I’m comfortable to speak on it (from time to time) so it hurts to see this. I’ll give him all the time he needs though.

    I mean he is my pops.

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  8. Ender’s Game

    Watching the movie again and again, it pissed me off on how many important details were left out. Ender’s sneakin around in battle school, the war immediately after the Formics were wiped out, Valentine and Peter becoming political powers on earth, Ender not being allowed to head back to Earth.. It’s a wonderful movie, but so much has been left out..

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This will make you feel better


    This will make you feel better

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Fun Psychology facts here!


    Fun Psychology facts here!

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